Guidelines for Proposal Submission

R & D cell has a committee consisting of a chairperson, convener and 12 members. The convener calls for research proposals from the faculty throughout the year and based on the proposals received the R & D committee meeting will be scheduled for evaluating and approval of submitted proposals. The investigators are required to present their research proposal to the R & D cell members and answer the queries satisfactorily. The proposed projects normally belong to one of the following categories

  • Basic research
  • Applied research
  • Product development (material, device, system or service)
  • Retrofitting of existing equipment, machinery or system

A project proposal is approved if it leads to one of the following outcomes:

  • Publication in a Journal or conference
  • Patent or copyright
  • Contribution towards new knowledge base
  • Belongs to the thrust areas notified by department/institution/university/state government/central government
  • Results in a working model of a new or existing complex product / process / system

On approval of the project, the sanctioned budget is released in the name of the team lead (Faculty) and the team is given a time frame of one academic year to complete the work. After completion, the team lead is required to submit a project completion report and demonstrate the working of the project to the R & D team. Good projects are displayed during the technical expo of the college.