The Sultan-ul-Uloom Education Society, was established in 1980 by former bureaucrats and well known philanthropists, with the intention of setting up institutions imparting quality education from the Primary School level onwards. In 1980, the Society established the Muffakham Jah College of Engineering, which within a very short span of time, emerged as a leading and prestigious Engineering College, in the erstwhile State of Andhra Pradesh. The Founders of the Society, were on a mission and had a clear vision of filling the urgent void for establishing institutions in niche areas of Technology. Very soon under the aegis of Sultan-ul-Uloom Education Society, College of Education, College of Management, College of Law, College of Pharmacy, Junior College etc. were established. These institutions over the span of forty years have grown is reputation both at the State and also at the National level, as institutes of very high academic standards. Almost all the Constituent Institutions run by the Society have accreditation from the “National Board of Accreditation” and "National Assessment and Accreditation Council" and have won innumerable awards from the National Assessment Boards and Ministry of Human Resource Development etc. Leading national magazines and newspapers such as India Today, Outlook, The Week and the Times of India have ranked "Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology" in the Top Engineering Colleges of the Country. The Society firmly believes in establishing courses in specialisation and in niche areas and in this pursuit have established Masters courses in Education, Law Management, Pharmacy and Engineering. Today, the Society has institutions from Nursery to Research Centers offering Ph.D, recognised by the Osmania University. To keep abreast with the evolving technology, we have introduced futuristic course like Artificial Intelligence & Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Sultan-ul-Uloom Education Society, perhaps as a group has most accredited institutions under its aegis at the national level. As our commitment to the underprivileged sections of the Society, we have established Six Schools in areas which do not have quality institutions in the vicinity and offer education at highly subsidised fee structure. Our resolve and commitment to achieving High Standards of Education gets stronger by the day and we dedicate ourselves to improvement in quality with each passing day.


Mr. Zafar Javeed Hon. Secretary, SUES Chairman, G.C.
Mr. Syed Abdul Wahab Member, G.C.
Dr. Mir Akbar Ali Khan Treasurer, SUES Member, G.C.
Mr. Masood Abdul Khader, Joint secretary, SUES Member, G.C.
Mr. Nisar Ahmed Member, G.C.
Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan Member, G.C.
Mr. Mohammed Abdul Qayum Khan Member, G.C.
Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Siddiqui Member, G.C.
Mr. Syed Aamer Javeed Member, G.C.
Mr. Sarwar Ali Khan Member, G.C.
Dr. Mahipal Singh Rawat, Principal Convenor


Mr. Mohammed Waliulla Chairman
Mr. Syed Abdul Wahab Vice-Chairman
Mr. Zafar Javeed Honorary Secretary
Mr. Masood Abdul Khader Joint Secretary
Dr. Mir Akbar Ali Khan Treasurer
Mr. Nisar Ahmed Member
Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Siddiqui Member
Dr. Aslam M. Khan Member
Mr. Syed Aamer Javeed Member
Mr. Akheel Ahmed Member